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With the increasingly frequency of international political, economic and cultural exchanges, various kinds of conferences and exhibitions are seeing rising. Those organizations which can provide professional, overall conference and exhibition service to meet the needs of both the market and clients, not only promote friendly social intercourse, but also effectively integrate social resource. Therefore, they satisfy all kinds of exhibition service on one hand and lend bright color to the whole society¡¯s communicational platform on the other.

Hainan Leedom conference & exhibition Co., Ltd, a branch of China Travel Service in Sanya, is a professional agency offering conference & exhibition service with ample experiences. We have already host many international conferences and exhibitions and have received high appraisals from the traveling industry and exhibition sponsors. Our agency aims to bolster our influence and accelerate development in the whole country even around the world at large through establishing a customized, comprehensive service platform for our customs.

Our company was firstly established in 1999 as the conference apartment of China Travel Service in Hainan and was assigned as a professional conference-holding agency in 2003, called Hainan Leedom convention & exhibition Co., LTD. Our company has branches or holding organizations in Haikou, Sanya, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Wuhan, Kunming and other cities. We have already host more than 300 important, large or medium-sized conferences, among which the typical cases are : Lenovo¡¯s Beijing Branch Annual Meeting , Laboratoires Serono SA Conference , Shanghai Michelin Tire Conference , China Army¡¯s 60th Anniversary Theatrical Performance(1500 person), 2007 Miss World Fashion Show, Tan Jing Concert(2000 person), Changan Auto Boao Marketing Seminars(1200 person), The Public Security Ministry¡®s National Seminar on Identification of Physical Evidence, The Health Ministry¡¯s Nuclear and Radiological Emergency Seminar, The GPO¡¯s Standards Seminar on Speed Post, Taiwan Hongshang International Leather Product Conference, China United Power Corporation Annual Meeting, Todd¡¯s client Annual Meeting , Tian Jin Pipe Corporation¡¯s Petroleum Tubular Conference, Huawei Operator Training Conference, Angang New Steel Company Conference, Sanwuyiwu Enterprise Distributor Conference on military products , Yunnan Copper Distributor Conference and Dongfeng Motor Corp Distributor Conference . Through holding these meetings ,we receive a lot of praise from our customers as well as build up a dedicated an professional workforce.

We can successfully help enterprises solve problems about business conference by using our plenty experiences in exhibition holding. Therefore you can focus attention on your core business and let us do trivial preparing work like meeting plan for you.